Throwback Thursday

Shoe Box Kid

Just found this photo of Leica when she was about nine weeks old. It’s hard to believe she was so small. I miss that puppy fluff!

Cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, and plastic bottles (with the lids and rings removed) were a life saver when she was this small. She loved putting those little needles to work and I have no doubt that providing her with ‘shreddibles’ taught her what were and weren’t appropriate items to annihilate.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Dear The Modern Dog Project,

    My name is Erik Biano. I am an artist (Pianist, composer and a songwriter). My most recent work is a song, entitled “The Dogs of the World.” I am in the process of contacting several resources for Animal Shelters & Rescues, PETA, HSUS, SPCA, 600 Million dogs, ASPCA and many more animal lovers. The message behind the song is simply conveying LOVE and companionship toward the dogs of the world.

    Due to the large number of resources, I am very limited and need to be very selective and carefully pick pictures or videos that will work the best with my song. I was browsing through your Facebook page and came across some very nice pictures and videos that I would like to select one from to put it in my song; especially “Throwback Thursday.”

    In case, if you are interested, I can send you the MP3 version of the song for you to listen. You could contact me with any further questions.

    Erik Biano
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    1. Hi Erik

      Sorry for the delay in response, this hasn’t been a hugely active site recently but I am thinking about starting it up again. Yes, of course you can use the photo, thank you for asking. Would it be possible to send me a link to the track so I can listen to it?


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